Echo Wood Campaign UTC

A Summons from the King

The last thing you were expecting was a summons to see the King. Erasmus
has been growing far too old to hold the throne, according to the talk of
the townsfolk, and to have an audience with anyone was a rare thing. So,
when the letter arrived in the early morning requesting that you attend to
his majesty, you were more than a little shocked.


You find the throne room packed with eager spectators from not only the
gentry, but also the common folk..perhaps the reason for the heavily armored
knight standing beside the King. All eyes turn to you as you approach
the throne, and then move to the monarch as a staff -bearing page
announces “His royal highness: King Erasamus the Randomly Biased!”.
The king nods once before addressing the party.

“There is a great evil in our land; the vile necromancer Mort Kemnon.
Daily his power grows stronger, and yet it appears as if our goddess has
forsaken us, for she answers not our prayers. Mort Kemnon has discovered
an evil artifact—an accursed item known as the Mask of Death. Find him
and kill him. Bring me this mask so that its evil may not spread across
our land.
The people of Whitetower recognize the peril of the task we set before you,
and so it will be my pleasure to reward you handsomely on your return.
You will each be granted a noble title of baron or baroness, and such
plots of land as are befitting.”



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