The Gastronomic Barbarian




The second child of Gorag, leader of the Forn Tribe of Tymon, Keth was intended to be the eventual leader one day, as he was the oldest son. But he was a sickly child, who took after his mother’s side of the family, who’d died in childbirth. When his older sister, Shago, became of age, she took leadership instead in a bloody ambush, and killed their father herself. Rather than kill her younger brother, however, she showed mercy and simply exiled him.
After wandering lost for days, shunned by people he asked for help, he eventually collapsed deep in Loric Falls.
He was found, and nursed back to health, by Ellamere, an older druid who had decided to spend the rest of her years exploring the mysteries of the mostly-unexplored Falls. With nowhere to go, Keth begged Ellamere to allow him to stay with her, and she reluctantly agreed, on the condition that he essentially act as her servant/experiment subject. Her life studies were the natural medicinal properties of all foods, and whether or not meals could be improved from merely “nutritious” to proper healing items. As the years passed, Keth grew strong and healthy, although whether this was the result of actual “healing” properties derived from the meals Ellamere forced him to eat or simply eating natural healthy food was unclear.
Unfortunately, long before she derived enough data to begin to formulate a proper theory, Ellamere died. Keth was once again alone in the world, but now he had a purpose, one he hadn’t dreamt of telling Ellamere. As the years had passed, Keth, tired of Ellamere’s bland (and often disgusting) meals that focused more on science than artistry, had taken on more and more of the cooking duties, and as it turned out he had a surprising ability for it. So much so, that he had developed a secret dream – the Adventurer’s Cookbook, a manual that described how to cook all the myriad creatures of the world, in a way that they would not only restore an adventurer’s stats but also taste delicious!

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