Echo Wood Campaign UTC

A Discarded Piece of Crumpled Paper Lying on the Roadside
Returning to Thornkeep


I’m travelling again. Nothing too dangerous this time. I’m not working for Captain Redderfin at the moment. I’m travelling with Ash, and a few other pathfinders. Just a few errands, I promise. A quick trip to some nearby towns, and we’ll be done. I hope this sits better with you than my tenure with the the Basilisks blu. Besides, my new comrades are brilliant in a fight. Lith even knows a fair bit of magic. Nature magic, before you get worried. And Fettzer’s a dead shot with his bow. Grandfather’s stories about elven archers were no falsehoods! Between my natural charm, Lith’s sway over nature, Fettzer’s cool stare, and Ash’s ash-ness, no man nor beast dares cross us!

Speaking of my new comrades, you’d like Lith, though. At least, I imagine you would. Her disposition is similar to yours in many ways. In a sense, it’s like having you here with me! Fettzer’s pleasant as well, and you remember Ash, of course. It’s been an exhilarating few days!

I hope you, grandfather, and Olivia are doing well. Please wish them both my best. Vi amo tutti così tanto.

I’ll be back in time for the fall harvest, I swear.

Il tuo piccolo raggio di sole,


A Letter to Olivia
First Nights in Galtan

Mia carissima sorella,

Little sister, I know it’s been several months since last I’ve visited. I hope both you and grandfather are well. I’m away once more, this time with a group of Pathfinders. Ash is with me, as are a wizard named Fettzer and a druidess named Lith. Lith has the most adorable little companion. He is the cutest snake I think I’ve ever laid eyes upon, and his tiny fangs and serpentine eyes glisten so when the light catches them. I know you’d love her as well. Fettzer also has a curious creature for a familiar. Dei suddetti, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so peculiar a lizard.

We’re in Galtan at the moment, tracking down some artifact or another. The others may have ended up getting themselves in a spot of trouble, but I was able to talk them back out of it. I may have to brush up on my oratory skills if they plan on getting falsely accused of crimes in every town! Oh, before I forget, there were some of the “living god’s” faithful heading towards town. Try and keep grandfather away. He shouldn’t be beating sense into people like that at his age, no matter how amusing it is to watch.

I’ll write again when I have more stories to tell.

And don’t worry; I’ll talk to papi eventually. I doubt he’s in a mood to listen yet.

Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo, mia cara sorella,


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