Alejia's Crossing

A fortified Inn at the intersection of Mosswater Road & Valley Road. The inn is a stop along the “Crusader Road” to the World Wound so is often surrounded by roughly encamped soldiers from all over Avistan.

The inn is owned an operated by Chaths Alejia, a dark skinned Osierian far from his ancestral home, his wife Hafsah and their 13 children.

The inn is massive consisting of a main building flanked in fortress fashion by half a dozen buildings.

Because of the constant traffic of crusaders going to a coming from the World Wound and the east west merchant traffic from the Riverlands to Ustalv and far off Varisia, a bustling trade is nearly constant around crossing. And nearly all of the trade is either weapons and equipment for the war or foodstuffs for the soldiers. In short; virtually anything a dungeon delving adventurer might be looking for.

Alejia's Crossing

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