This Campaign is an experiment to see if Role Playing can be added to Pathfinder Society.

Pathfinder Society organized play is somewhat different from regular Pathfinder. Some rule changes have been implemented and there are some strict administration details to keep characters balanced.

Unfortunately because Pathfinder Society is essentially tournament play, Role Playing and depth suffer greatly. Characters become one dimensional blocks of stats with little actual personality as their GMs rush them through scenarios in the 4 hour tournament play blocks.

This campaign is my attempt to keep up with the “run as written” scenario and module rules of Pathfinder Society but place those sanctioned modules and scenarios into a Living World where characters can develop and feel more alive.

As per tournament rules; characters will only gain experience by completing adventures. But they will have a world they can get lost in if they get off track. And, who knows, they may inadvertently wandering into a different scenario altogether.

In order to do this I have placed the campaign focus in Echo Wood. A area in Golarion rife with adventure and tide to multiple modules and scenarios, and even a super dungeon or two.

My hope is that players will be able to make their won decisions about what they want to do, instead of being hand fed situations and in turn having to be hand fed the liner path along those adventures in order to complete them in the allotted time.
In this Pathfinder Society game the players get to decide what happens.

Echo Wood Campaign UTC

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