The Echowood Campaign

Things Didn't Go As Planned

From the journal of William (Bill) Ashwood

Well, today did not go as planned.
I woke up and did my normal duties then made breakfast while brother Eldresk practiced his fighting skills. Just as he was ending 3 adventurers showed up asking if he had seen a friend of theirs, he had not and then they asked if he knew anyone up for making some money helping them with a job.

After I managed to get all the details out of them and Eldresk had given his permission I went with them. They had a guide to show them to the Accursed halls. When we got to the bridge an elven woman named Aleiariea. She told us the captain and her master went into it another way. I took the stance that there was no harm in checking her story and we did so.

She led us to a clearing in the woods and showed us a secret way into what could have been the Accursed halls. Sadly we did not get a chance to verify this as Mariki walked into a teleportation fog before I could tell him not to. This is the problem with dealing with people who are not used to magic. I don’t blame him I should have been more active in this. I can blame Connor though, he just walked through after him, with no thought. He is either an idiot or suffering from a hero complex. Either way, this could lead to trouble later.

More troubling still was my reaction. Even though I knew it was a stupid thing to do, I would regret it later and I owed them little to no loyalty. Despite all that I followed them. I guess my masters were right I am too nice. What’s worse is I don’t know why I did it, I just knew that even though I talked about it and left it to fate when we tossed the coin I was going to follow them ( it’s no use gnawing at it now. anyway what came next is more important).

We were teleported into the emerald spire and for some reason, the teleport would not take us back. so we explored the corridor and dealt with a trap or two only to stumble on the Blue Dragon Arexietus. We managed to talk him into letting us live but now we are under a geass spell to kill Sartoss (just kill, there is no time limit or anything about killing on-site). Of all the things that I thought would happen today becoming a slave was not one of them. At the moment I will pursue this task because I have to, not out of loyalty but because I must. I am sure that it’s not going to be as simple as it appears and there is more to the story.

I am a bit freaked out as my hand has been replaced with green crystal (similar to the spire, Must Investigate) I have full mobility and flexibility with it. I will have to investigate it further. how does it react to damage, can I feel pain with it, is it fireproof ect ect?.

Anyway, here we are now on a north-south road in a forest with no idea where we are and I left my tent with Anderask. At least it is not raining. I decided to go south and at least for the forcible future continue travelling with this group of … people ( I will have to have a talk with them about not playing with magic they don’t understand.)

At the moment my plan is as follows. get back to Thronkeep. Find the captain. use him to get access to the spire. what could go wrong?



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