Echo Wood Campaign UTC

Of Flying Cities and the Shory Civilization

Long ago, in the mysterious days of the Age
of Destiny, before the Ascension of Aroden or
the Cataclysm of Rovagug, the Shory people
lived, worked, and dreamed in a civilization
that existed far above the fear and despair that
plagued the rest of humanity in those dark
days. The magic of the Shory was akin to the
power wielded by the pharaohs of Osirion, and
like those legendary monarchs, it remains an
inscrutable mystery to modern scholars. Their
cities were marvels of arcane power at the peak
of human understanding; they flew across the
skies and brought wonder and delight—as
well as fear and terror—to the lands touched
by their swift-moving shadows.
One of the greatest of these flying cities
was the paradise of Ulduvai. Even during the
twilight of the Shory, when their cities fell
one by one to conquest, disease, monsters, or
other causes, Ulduvai remained, proud and
unconquered, symbolizing the majesty of the
Shory civilization. And then it disappeared.
Eventually, the wrecks of the other cities
were found and looted, their powerful
artifacts scattered across the lands. Most of
their relics were destroyed in the millennia
that followed, while others were collected in
dragon hoards or given in tribute to powerful
fiends. Eventually, the stories of the flying
cities faded into legend, and then into myth,
and now most believe they never really flew at
all. Ulduvai itself was never located, and with
each passing century its legend grew as an
enlightened place of goodwill and prosperity
that would someday return. Dreamers and
poets still speak of it drifting back to the
great cities on the western winds.



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